Grants Program

We believe contributions that advance our shared mission should be recognised and rewarded.

The EulerBeats Grant Program was announced on Euler's 314th birthday, 15th April 2021, to continue to fuel initiatives that benefit the EulerBeats community as a whole. We plan to continue to shape this grants scheme to benefit developers, artists, designers and innovators looking to build and advance the EulerBeats ecosystem.

The team have introduced 3 grants to kickstart the program. Please be sure to read the grant program terms and details below before applying. You can find these terms on our website and under the disclaimer section of the blog post here.

Previous Grants

Grant 1: Advanced analytics dashboard for token and print ownership

We are looking to our community to build upon @ChubbyAvocado’s fantastic work and provide an advanced platform view for both collections.

Check out the specific requirements before you consider applying. Application will open soon.

  • Interview the OG holders and document the analytics use cases

  • Develop a set of top questions the analytics must answer

  • Develop dynamic set of dashboard(s) using Dune Analytics, or another tool

  • One awardee will be selected and will have 3 weeks to produce

  • Grant budget: 1000 USDC

Grant 2: EulerBeats promo video

We are looking for a 60–90 second video that introduces and explains the EulerBeats collection. Check out the specific requirements before you consider applying. Application will open soon.

  • Use the About page of our website for factual content information

  • Explain the significance of the project and the standout aspects of an EulerBeats NFT

  • The video should reference to with a call to action to buy prints

  • Target audience should be someone who is new to crypto and NFTs

  • Provide the HD quality (or above) source file to the Treum team

  • Direction or inspo from EulerBeats team for video is the Saturday Night Live NFT video

  • Showcase the EulerBeats website as part of the video

  • Background music should include an EulerBeats track. The owners of Genesis LP04, LP06, LP07, LP10, LP14, LP16, LP17, LP23, LP25 and Enigma LP10, LP14, LP16, LP19, LP18, LP25 have given permission to use their tracks for this purpose

  • One awardee will be selected and will have 2 weeks to produce the content. We may extend to two or more individuals

  • English subtitles should be included in the video

  • Grant budget is 500 USDC

Grant 3: A batch of 10 newsletters

We loved the community newsletters created to date and want to ensure they continue!

We are looking for someone to design and create a newsletter that captures the essence of EulerBeats ecosystem activity.

Check out the specific requirements before you consider applying. Application will open soon.

  • Design and create 10 newsletters

  • Desired format, thanks to @NFThusiast LP17

  • News from EulerBeats

  • News from OGs

  • News from Printholders

  • News from Media

  • One awardee will be selected and will have 1 week to produce and share the content with the team

  • Frequency: at least once every four weeks, but no more than once per week

  • Grant budget is 1000 USDC

Retroactive Grants

We are humbled by the bursts of ideas, generated content, and remixes created by the EulerBeats community. A few EulerBeats members went above and beyond and created a set of artifacts that benefits the community as a whole. These artifacts fall into the public goods category since they benefit everyone.

To recognize these members we decided to award retroactive grants to the following community members:


The terms for the grants program can be found here. All application forms will require you to confirm you have read and understand the grant requirements and program terms prior to submission.

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