Project Updates

Project Updates

Project Update: May 13, 2021

We updated the staking pairs limit from 100 to 186. Why 186? We increased the stake count by 1 for every 0.27 ETH distributed in royalties (17) and also added a one-time increase to give every existing pair holder a chance to stake (69 pairs). We will revisit every week and will be open to discuss and changes with the community.

Project Update: March 06, 2021

Genesis max prints cap is 119 and not 120

A community member, taijusanagi, reached out to us on Discord pointing out that there may be an issue with printing the 120th print. Indeed that’s correct. The smart contract was coded in a way where the max supply of 120 cannot be reached. The actual max print supply is 119. This means the price to print the last print for any of the Genesis original tokens is at 721.037Ξ instead of the intended 792.858Ξ.

Project Update: Feb 22, 2021

We updated EulerBeats smart contracts

On Feb 22, 2021 we performed maintenance on our project. We created a “printing press” contract to separate the print / burn function from the main smart contract.

From the user experience perspective a person performing a burn action will first approve the request to burn, and then perform the burn. This only needs to be done once. The look and feel on the site is exactly the same as before.

EulerBeats is on the cutting edge pushing boundaries of innovation

We build EulerBeats for people to enjoy, be entertained, push the limits of NFTs, and enable Original token owners to experiment with royalties concept. We had no way to know we would be inventing the category of generative art + music NFTs, and that the community would love it so much.

"you up?"

After all of the initial excitement, we got some news. A white hat hacker, Samczsun, contacted us to let us know there was a smart contract vulnerability that could allow the royalties to be diverted to non-Original owners.

Immediate Mitigation

After the call with samczsun we determined that the reserve pool was safe and the ownership state of Originals and Prints was not vulnerable. We set up active monitoring of the vulnerable part of the contract with a procedure for immediate contract pause and a communication campaign to the community in case of an exploit.

The Fix

With monitoring and response plans in place we developed a fix to the smart contract. We designed the solution and organized redeployment to minimize the disruption to the active community.

What’s next?

First we want to say thank you. The community that has emerged in one week has been extraordinary. EulerBeats NFT project resonated with the blockchain community. We’re excited to drop our next LP soon (follow us on Twitter and Discord).


You never want to hear from samczsun, but if you do, know that he’s a consummate professional, and was extremely nice and generous with his time. Thank you samczsun, we don’t think anyone knows how much value you’ve delivered to the ETH ecosystem.

We would like to thank our ConsenSys Diligence colleagues who helped and supported us along the way to get the smart contracts upgraded.

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