Buying a Mixpass

This guide shows how to buy a Mixpass from This guide works for minting off the Community Whitelist, off the Public Whitelist, and general minting once it's available to the public.

Head to to get started

  1. Switch your wallet to the Polygon network.

  2. Ensure you have sufficient Wrapped Eth in your wallet before you proceed. If you need help moving your Ether to the Polygon network check out our guide with two options.

  3. You will perform an approval transaction before you can buy the Mixpasses

  4. You will then buy the Mixpasses with WETH on Polygon

Let's get started. Login into your wallet

⚠️ At this point you need to decide how many MixPasses you want to buy. Pick a number on the dial. This is the number that will be associated with your approval action in the next step. You will need to enter that specific number when you perform the buy action a bit later.

Next, Approve the spend of your WETH. Click the Approve ETH button

This will result in a MetaMask pop-up requesting your confirmation.

Next, when the wallet asks for a confirmation, select Confirm

This zero value transaction authorizes the site to spend WETH up to the amount you specify. This approval action is required before you can spend your WETH in the next step.

This is the state of your wallet, in this case MetaMask, after you submit the transaction for WETH spend.

Once the transaction completes you will see a confirmation message from your wallet. The EulerBeats page will refresh eventually, but you can manually refresh the page to see the buy button get activated.

Note that these screen shots were taken during the Community whitelist mint process, but the process for buying off the Public whitelist or public sale are the same.

⚠️ Remember that your BUY button will only be active after you approve the WETH spend and when the correct number you Mixpasses is selected. If you reload the page the default number will be set to the MAX number of Mintpasses you can buy, and not the number you approved for. Please manually set the number of Mixpasses you want to buy.

Next, Select the Buy button

This account is eligible to buy up to 6 Mixpasses. If you choose to buy fewer you will receive a warning. Also note that this minting is done from the Community Whitelist. But the process is exactly the same when minting from the Public Whitelist.

Next, Select the Buy button

You are presented with a zero value transaction. This requests your confirmation to interact with the smart contract. Notice that MATIC tokens (the currency of the Polygon network) were airdropped to the accounts on the Whitelist for free by the ConsenSys EulerBeats team. This enables you to do the transaction without buying the MATIC tokens yourself.

Next, click Confirm

You will see a few transaction related messages on the site and the EulerBeats page will change confirming that you have have purchased the Mixpass.

You are all set, but if you want to confirm and see the Futura Mixpass in action, head to OpenSea, this page, login with your wallet and verify your purchase. And ... congrats!

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