What is Futura?

Futura is the third EulerBeats NFT drop. It follows on from the tradition of the first two EulerBeats sets - Genesis and Enigma - by maintaining a novel generative music + art approach at its core, and adding a fresh collection to the EulerBeats brand.

If you could fly through an NFT, then Futura is it. The release pushes the boundaries of 3D generative art and music. The shape is the geometric form of a Möbius strip. In a nod to Euler, the visuals have a non- orientable surface with Euler characteristic being zero. In plain English: there is no inside or outside designation of the surface.

Futura music will usher in remix culture with a set of eleven curated Futura Master NFTs and a set of unique generative Mixes. These mixes will lend themselves to be remixed and the contracts will allow the royalties to flow back to the designated creators (the drummer, guitarist, etc.). We pioneered the implementation of instant royalties for music using the originals and prints concept in the NFT space, and now we’re taking it to the next level.

What are the Futura NFTs?

Futura consists of the following NFTs:

  • 8080 randomly generated Futura Mix NFTs. These NFTs will be provably unique, random combinations of generative music and visuals, created using a set of original musical building blocks produced by the EulerBeats team. *The 8080 number was inspired by the famous 808 Drum machine.

  • 11 limited edition Futura Master NFTs, hand-crafted by the EulerBeats team, to act as the official artist statement and creative introduction for Futura.

  • An uncapped supply of Futura Remix NFTs. Remix NFTs will be created by holders of Mix NFTs. Via a fun and engaging website front end, holders will be able to select musical traits from any Futura Mix they hold, to create new, unique Remix NFTs. Remixes themselves will be able to be further remixed via the same mechanism.

What is a Futura Mix?

A Futura Mix NFT is the heart of Futura. Supply was capped at 8080 NFTs. A Futura Mix is a randomly generated selection of musical building blocks, resulting in a unique song, from potentially millions of possible combinations.

Each Futura Mix is divided musically into:

Sections - these are the natural dividing points of the traditional song structure, akin to what would commonly be described as introductions, buildups, drops, choruses and outros.

Layers - these are usually specific musical instruments, often in combination with musical effects, like reverb, delay or distortion.

Clips - these are variations of sequences for a given layer within a section. For each section, there will be present a number of layers, and numerous clips within each layer (per section). In this way we can build up a vast array of potential combinations to draw from.

The sections/layers/clips construction is represented on each Futura Mix as a matrix:

We expect that some song combinations will be totally banging, some straightforward, some surprising, and some utterly bizarre, or even discordant. Note: if a particular Futura Mix is really not to your taste, you have the option of burning the Futura Mix for discounts on Remixing.

These musical building blocks and associated attributes will form the basis of a rich trait structure with a wide variety of possible rarity across the Futura Mix supply.

Not all Clips will have the same likelihood of occurrence. Some will be rarer than others!

The generative art which accompanies the music for every Futura Mix, is generated from the unique combination of traits that apply. The art follows the music along a track taking the form of a Möbius strip - a one sided strip with no distinct end. There are various different artistic renders and effects that are applied to this strip, based on the different traits contained within the Futura Mix. In this way, the art for every Futura Mix is unique as well as the music.

Stay tuned for a deep dive into what makes both the music and art of a Futura Mix tick in the very near future.

What is a Futura Master?

The eleven Futura Master NFTs were the first Futura Mixes to be minted and are tokens #1 to #11 in the supply. They are similar to Futura Mix NFTs in that they draw from the same pool of underlying musical clips, layers and sections used to generate each Futura Mix. Each Futura Master has, however, been hand-crafted with respect to the above variables by the EulerBeats team - in effect, a Futura Master is a hand-crafted song, specifically chosen to represent various key creative aspects of the Futura drop.

Each Futura Master has the following unique qualities:

  • They cannot be minted as part of the Futura Mix or Remix minting process. Like all other Futura Mix NFTs and Remix NFTs, each Futura Master is unique and cannot be duplicated by subsequent mints.

  • Unlike a Futura Mix or Remix, a Futura Master can never be burned (eg to apply discounts during Remixing)

  • Futura Masters each contain their own distinct traits that are not be present in any Futura Mix. Thus, Futura Master holders can create Futura Remix NFTs that nobody else will be able to, unless those traits are used in new Remixes and distributed.

  • Each Futura Master NFT is assigned the trait ‘Generation 0’. They are the only Futura NFTs to possess this trait - A Futura Mix is Generation 1, and Remixes have a minimum Generation of 2.

  • The eleven Master NFTs are the OG tokens in the supply and feature Futura Token IDs 1-11.

What is a Futura Remix?

The Futura Remix is an NFT comprised of traits from any two Futura Mix NFTs. Remixes are created by

EulerBeats users using the Futura Remix Studio on the EulerBeats website. Remixes are unique - you will not be able to create a remix which is identical to any previous Futura Mix or Remix.

In addition to Futura Mix NFT, both Futura Master and Remix NFTs will also be legitimate input sources for Remixing. Each Futura Master contains unique traits that will never be present in any Futura Mix NFT.

Remixing will be unlocked shortly after the Futura Reveal and will be mintable at a price to be determined per Remix. There is no limit to the number of Futura Remix NFTs individuals can mint as long as the Remixer continues to possess sufficient source inputs.

Bonus utility alpha: Futura is the first in what we anticipate will be an ongoing series of epic Artist-driven generative music+art NFT drops. We call this ongoing project ‘EB Artist’. We intend that NFTs from EB Artist drops, if permitted by the Artists, will be remixable with prior EB Artist drops (Master, Mix and Remix NFTs), including Futura. We call this ‘EB Artist Mashups’.

How much does a Futura Remix cost, and what discounts apply?

A Futura Remix will cost 0.005 ETH to create. Holders of a Futura Mixpass (those that were not redeemed during the redemption process) will receive a 25% discount on all remixes they create, while they still hold a Mixpass. Burning one of the two input NFTs that are used to create the remix, entitles you to a one-off 50% discount on that remix. (Note: this discount does not stack with the Mixpass 25% discount) Burning BOTH of the two input NFTs that are used to create the remix, entitles you to a one-off 100% discount on that remix.

Note: Futura Master NFTs can never be burnt for discounts on Remixing. But Futura Mix NFTs and Remix NFTs themselves can be burnt. Burning will permanently remove the unique musical combination from the supply pool, so choose carefully!

How do I purchase a Futura NFT?

Futura Mix NFTs were only available to purchasers of Futura Mixpass NFTs, up until the Futura sale ended on Monday 6 December 2021. After this date, Futura Mix NFTs are available only on secondary marketplaces such as Opensea.

Futura Remix NFTs will also be able to be minted, for those who possess two or more Futura Mix NFTs. This will coincide with the release of the Futura Remix Studio web UI.

What is a Mixpass and how can I purchase one?

The sale of Futura Mixpass NFTs is now over.

4040 Futura Mixpass NFTs were made available - each one represented by a new CryptoVoxels wearable headset. The price of a Mixpass during the sale was 0.1 ETH. All Mixpass NFTs entitled the holder to redeem their Mixpass for two Futura Mix NFTs, until the completion of the Futura Mix redemption period. The redemption period was only open for a limited time - until 6 December 2021.

Any Mixpass NFTs that remained unsold at the end of the sale were permanently locked in the Futura contract, promoting scarcity for original purchasers.

Why is the Mixpass supply 4040?

We wanted to ensure that every Mixpass holder was eligible to mint 2 Futura Mixes per Mixpass. As the Futura Mix supply cap is 8080, precisely 4040 Mixpasses must exist.

From the Mixpass supply of 4040, the EulerBeats will hold approx 100 Futura Mixpass NFTs in reserve for promotional use. To confirm, the drop mechanics are such that the Futura Mix generation is verifiably random - the sequence cannot be gamed internally by the EulerBeats team or Mixpass holders.

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