Wearables Troubleshooting FAQ Launch

I can't log in to Cryptovoxels

In order to receive wearables, assuming you were an EB holder at the time of the snapshot, you must be logged in to Cryptovoxels with a Web3 wallet, eg Metamask. Sometimes Cryptovoxels is slow to detect wallet logins, particularly when swapping between wallets. Cryptovoxels can also get confused and say that you are logged into a wallet you know you've signed out of. If this happens, the resolution is usually to log out of your wallet completely, exit/refresh Cryptovoxels, and log in again, but this process can get stuck or take a while.

I can't find the EulerBeach parcel in Cryptovoxels

Go here to teleport directly to EulerBeach: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=W@575W,264N

The Claw Machine isn't giving me my wearable when I'd expect it to

There are a number of reasons this could be the case, including:

  • You're not logged in with a web3 wallet - see 'I can't log in' above for tips.

  • You may not be eligible to receive - If you first purchased an EulerBeats print (or OG, or staked) after the wearables snapshot, then unfortunately you will not be eligible for this wearables drop. There will be more drops in the future, however! The most recent snapshot was taken at 11:00am ET on Tuesday 24th August, 2021.

  • Unexpected issues with the Cryptovoxels scripting process - as this is new tech, we've noticed that CV bugs do crop up from time to time. The best course of action is usually to refresh and try again, depending on the particular issue.

  • Unexpectedly high gas on the Ethereum network - This is an Ethereum mainnet release. There can be instances where the cost of gas on the network causes transfers to run veeery slowly. This is always a possibility, and we will be monitoring this as a team. In this case the only option is simply to wait until the transfer succeeds. We reserve the right to pause the redemption during times of very high gas if it makes sense to do so.

Ultimately, as this is a brand new process, there are numerous unexpected issues that can occur. Please bear with us during this drop.

My wearable isn't showing up in my Cryptovoxels collection

Because transferring your wearable to you is a blockchain transaction, it typically takes ~10 minutes both for the transfer to take effect, and then for Cryptovoxels to register the wearable within its system.

The best course of action is simply to wait a bit. Within Cryptovoxels you will be able to refresh your collection (the squid icon!) and after a period time the wearable should eventually appear.

I can see my wearable, but I cant equip it to my Cryptovoxels avatar

The Cryptovoxels process for this is new tech and bugs do occur from time to time. Best option here is to close you browser window and/or hard refresh. Exiting and returning to your collection should resolve this issue.

I can't see my Cryptovoxels avatar - can't work out if I'm wearing my wearable

Within the Cryptovoxels metaverse, while standing in a parcel, hit the 'c' key to swap your view to third person view. This will let you see your whole avatar, ideally with your wearable clearly present. Press 'c' again to return to first person view.

When will the redemption period end?

There’s no fixed date. We are planning to keep this open until about the last week in September 2021. All holders are eligible to receive the wearable. We want to ensure as many as possible have the opportunity to receive them. We will give a few days notice before closing the redemption period.

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