We are very excited to announce the availability of EB Staking for print holders as of May 5, 2021. With EB Staking we are extending the connectedness of the Genesis and Enigma releases beyond the existing commonalities in the underlying math, art, and the bonding curve mechanics into the royalty incentives. In this EB Staking release, Treum will share 100% of future print royalties, from the day of EB Staking launch, to the accounts that have staked Genesis - Enigma print pairs. We have capped the maximum number of print pairs that can be staked at 186.

How it works

Step 1: Staking

  • You stake a print pair of the same LP# from Enigma and Genesis. E.g., a print of Genesis LP 01 and a print of Enigma LP 01.

  • Accounts that have staked 1 or more pairs will receive rewards commensurate with the number of staked pairs when the rewards are distributed.

  • You can unstake your staked print pairs any time you choose. At that time you will stop receiving any future reward distribution.

  • We have capped the maximum number of staked pairs in the staking pool to 186. When this cap is reached no one can stake until someone unstakes.

Step 2: Rewards and distribution

  • Starting with the program launch and for the duration of this experimental staking period Treum will allocate 100% of its print royalties for the staking reserve pool. The staking reserve pool will be shared with the accounts that have staked Genesis - Enigma print pairs. Each pair staked is weighted equally at the time the rewards are distributed.

  • Treum will add rewards to the pool when the following conditions have been met

    • Treum earned more than 1 ETH from its royalty rewards allocation

    • At least 7 calendar days have passed since the last reward distribution

  • Treum will add rewards within 3 days once the above conditions have been met.

  • At the time when rewards are added, you must be staking prints in the pool to receive them.

Step 3: Claim rewards

  • You can claim your accrued rewards at any point in time.

  • Any unclaimed reward will be automatically distributed when you stake more or unstake any of your prints.


Ensure you read the Terms of Service before you engage in staking activities.

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