Wearables Launch

EulerBeats has chosen Cryptovoxels to release a new line of rare wearables. These have been created especially for the EulerBeats community to be worn within the Cryptovoxels metaverse.

This is emerging tech! As such, there are a few steps that you need to run through in order to both receive and equip your wearable. These steps are described in this doc as well as in the following video.

If you're having problems at any stage, be sure to check out the troubleshooting FAQ for answers to common issues.

How it Works

Step One: Claiming your wearable

If you were an EulerBeats printholder, OG owner, or staker at the time of the most recent snapshot, you will be eligible to receive a wearable.

The most recent snapshot was taken at 11:00am ET on Tuesday 24th August, 2021 at block number 13088709. Claims will be limited to one wearable per eligible wallet address.

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your account with a Web3 wallet (eg Metamask).

  2. Go to the claw machine and press the button

  3. After pressing the button, assuming you are eligible, you should see a success message and then receive your headphones wearable. You can check to confirm receipt by viewing your OpenSea account.


Note: It consistently takes ~10minutes for a wearable to show up in CryptoVoxels. As such, you may need to wait for the process to complete. If unsure, the best option is often just to refresh and either check to see if it has completed, or just retry. We are working with Cryptovoxels to improve the speed of things!

Step Two: Equipping your wearable

You need to equip the headphones in Cryptovoxels in order to gain access to the EulerClub room. To do that:

1 - Go to ‘Costumes’ in Cryptovoxels.

2 - You will then need to add a Cryptovoxels costume, if you don’t have one already. Click 'Add costume'.

3 - Click on the ‘tick’ icon to activate your costume (DON'T FORGET THIS!)

4 - Click on the costume title - that should make visible a new ‘Wearables’ tab.

5 - Click on the wearables tab to look for your wearable - in this case, it's a set of headphones! If you can’t find them try clicking the ‘Refresh’ button that has a squid on it. It may take some time for Cryptovoxels to detect that you have your wearable, so please be patient and be ready to refresh several times - this could take ~10 minutes.

6 - Once you find your headphones, click on them to equip them. You can choose which part of the avatar you want to equip them. The head is recommended :)

7 - Once equipped, go back to the EulerBeach parcel.

8 - You can press the ‘c’ key to see your avatar and make sure the headphones are equipped. Press ‘c’ again to go back to the third person view.

Step Three: What can you do with your wearable?

In addition to pimping out your Cryptovoxels avatar, wearing your wearable will give you access to the EulerClub room, where you may be able to find some early alpha on upcoming EulerBeats features.

To enter the EulerClub:

  1. Make sure you are wearing your wearable, walk to the EulerClub entrance door and press the button. The door should open.

  2. Explore the EulerClub and seek alpha!

Over time we will look to build out more features on our parcel that will be accessible only to EulerBeats wearables holders.

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