How to list Remixes on NFT Marketplaces

List on Opensea:

1. On OpenSea, navigate to the top right of the page and click your Profile icon.

2. Select the NFT you would like to sell from your wallet. If you don't have an NFT available to sell, check out our detailed tutorial on how to create an NFT to get started.

3. On the top right of the item page, click Sell.

4. Choose the type of sale and the price. In a Fixed Price sale, the seller establishes the NFT price.

If you see the option, you can click Accept offer to accept the current best offer on your item.

5. Set a duration for the sale by choosing a default duration or setting a custom duration using the calendar.

6. Lastly, you can choose to reserve the item for a specific buyer. To do so, open the More options section and enter their wallet address into the Reserve for specific buyer field.

List on Magic Eden

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